Sunday, march 22nd, 2015

I have been so busy lately and neglected my own wok in taking care of others’!

I am now full time carer to mum and my life is on the back burner. Stress I’ve found, has created a monster. I have knocked off 8 paintings since looking after mum, all worked with snatches of time. (Mainly when she’s asleep!) Daylight is best of course so I have had constant headaches from having my daylight bulb up close and personal night after night.  ;o(

My latest project Eternal Treblinka was a real journey done in super fat time. Being vegan and supporter of animal welfare, my heart and brain was on 24/7 overdrive since reading Eternal Treblinka; Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust. I had the painting in mind well before the book was suggested to me by a lady from Animal Aid. After having second thoughts about the possibility of offending anyone, she suggested this book. Many survivors of the concentration camps became animal activists because they knew the true meaning of fear, loss and cruelty. This was a revelation to me because I have always seen cattle wagons loaded with cattle as the same thing. As if they are going to Auschwitz.

In our horrendously barbaric history, once the human being began to refer to fellow humans as ‘animals, beasts, less than human’ then slaughter could be instigated with no conscience. The methods of annihilation and ‘clear up’ used in Belsen, Auschwitz, Treblinka, were all mastered after reading about the Chicago slaughterhouses at the turn of the century. This is mind blowing stuff. I have had sleepless nights and even less peaceful days after reading pages of this book. But I can’t recommend it highly enough to meat eaters. This, along with the film will give them such an insight into the meat industry and our treatment of animals that they will never been the same.

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