My name is Jadwiga, or Yaj as everyone knows me by. I’m 53, vegan and Polish with dashes of Eastern European blood. I have lived in a small town in the beautiful county of Herefordshire since I was seventeen but originally came from Lancashire, and went to Art College in Blackburn. I am now full time carer to my mum, Elvira who is eighty-eight and suffers with dementia. I’m deeply in love with art of any kind and would love a dog. A huge one that relishes bear hugs.

 I left Art College at seventeen and came to Herefordshire in 1979 with my sister and had a string of jobs ranging from factory work, bar work, shop work and eventually became a  librarian for fifteen years with absolutely no CV or qualifications. I just had a love of books and was willing to learn from the bottom up. (Those were the days)

  I never know how inspiration will hit but when it does, I have no idea what style of painting emerges but ‘trust me – I know what I’m painting!’ I work  mainly in water-based oils on canvas blocks or panels  but also  use acrylics.

And most importantly, I always make a donation from any sales to BOS (the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) and the Blue Cross animal charity.  

Well, that’s me done now here’s the interesting bit…

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